7 thoughts on “Pluyainet

  1. My husband and I have been wanting to meet with Duke to but a price for our house. We both REALLY like this latest one, Pluyainet. What are the dimensions? We would like to come and see it and other pieces.

  2. Thanks for your interest and comment, Duke can be found most weekends between 12 – 6 pm near the corner of McAllister and Steiner in San Francisco. I estimate this piece is 150cm X 120cm but keep in mind they are 2 separate panel windows. Drop by anytime or see the ‘About Duke’ section for contact information.

  3. wondering what the dimensions are on this piece? My Husband and I have been talking about getting one of Dukes peices… Joseph Sobiesiak, Jr. Principal 415-297-4167


  4. Jim and I purchased a bar scene this weekend and absolutely love it. I love this one even more and would pay a handsome price for it if another became available especially if it were on a smaller scale.

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