About Duke

Duke paints on discarded windows he salvages or that people give him. Applying paint to the back of the piece of glass he works in reverse of the conventional method, starting with dark lines and highlights first and adding background layers last. Duke is also a multi-instrumentalist and poet and one of a fast fading breed of San Francisco street artist and maker.

You can contact Duke at: dukearth.at.live.com or

Duke on Tumblr: http://myneighborduke.tumblr.com/

Duke on Hoodline: http://hoodline.com/2016/04/meet-chris-duke-blues-musician-window-art

Interviews with Duke where he describes some of his influences, background and inspirations:



Duke on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/dukearth

Duke and the Art of Preservation: Help Fund Sustainability:


Here’s an excellent article and video on Duke from the SF Chronicle by Timothy Hussin



8 thoughts on “About Duke

  1. I bought one of this guy’s paintings years ago when he was parked at the corner of Washington Sq. Park. Been looking for him ever since to maybe get another painting. Thank you for showcasing this talented artist! Will have to give him a call….

  2. Duke – One of my paintings broke over the weekend and I need to replace it asap! I sent an email with the stuff from your blog that I particularly like. I’m hoping I can come by sometime in the next few days. Thank you!

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